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Hospitality Consulting

Boa Bar has joined forces with Restaurant Consulting Experts, Hosp Point. As leaders in the hospitality industry, they bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to the table. This collaboration allows us to offer an even more comprehensive range of services and solutions to our valued clients.


Beverage Program

  • Cocktail Conceptualization & Development

  • Glassware Program Research & Procurement

  • Product Procurement and Organization

  • Staff Training & Manual Implementation

  • Quality Control & Menu Layout Consultation

  • Order Processing Inventory

  • New Build Out Consulting

  • Redesign Consulting

  • Updated Spirits List and Visual Placement

  • New Bar Equipment Guidance

FOH Training

  • Operations Audit

  • Processes & Procedures

  • Strategy Implementation

  • Service Standards Training

  • Manual Implementation by position

  • New Hire Programs by position

  • Facilitate New Openings

BOH Training

  • Food Health Guides

  • Preparation Efficiency Program

  • Standard Procedures & Processes

  • Staff Training and Manual Implementation

  • Menu Optimization

  • Food Elevation and Innovation

  • Order Processing Inventory

  • Generate and Manage Cost Reports

  • Guidance on Menu Design

  • Advantage with local distributors

Our simple process


Schedule a consultation with our experts and tell us what your needs and challenges are. Together we will come up with a way to achieve your goals and your vision.


Once we have all the details, our team will lay out a plan of action, which includes a proposal with all the requirements needed to fulfill your needs.


We will not proceed until we iron out all the details to your satisfaction. Communication with our clients is key to make sure that our deliverables are exactly what you were expecting.


Contract signed, it's time to get to work!

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