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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Boa Bar provide the alcoholic beverages? 


Boa Bar DOES NOT sell Liquor, beer, and wine. Host will need to provide them on the location. However, our exclusive concierge services allow us to handle your purchases on your behalf. 


How Do I Pay the Deposit? 

The deposit can be made securely via Debit or Credit card through our online payment system. We also accept Zelle. The remaining balance for service will be the same way the week of your event. 


Does Boa Bar have insurance? 

Yes, we provide a General Liability Insurance for each event. The client must purchase their own alcohol. The client must obtain the permits required for their event.  


How many bartenders do I need? 

Per industry standard, we recommend 1 bartender and 1 bar assistant for every 30-70 guests based upon the types of drinks you plan to serve. 


What will the bartenders wear? 

The bartenders will wear all black or white and always have their professional bartending aprons on.


Are there any travel costs? 

For events held beyond a 20-mile radius from the 20814-zip code area, Boa Bar reserves the right to apply a distance surcharge. 


Does Boa Bar require a deposit?  

Estimated 50% is due and demandable at the time of booking, to be deducted from the Total Final Payment unless other prior arrangements have been made. Gratuity will increase if the total amount increases.  

Final payment will be due and demandable before we serve the day of the event. However, if there are add-ons during the event, Boa Bar will apply them to the invoice after the event.


Can I re-schedule or cancel my event? 

Yes, Hospitality is always first, therefore, we are flexible with our clients.  


Due to limited availability, we request that you CANCEL at least 10 days before your event.  


  • Cancellation or Re-schedule Notice over 10 days prior to event: 100% refund of deposit. 

  • Cancellation or Re-schedule Notice 7 to 10 days prior to event: 50% refund of deposit.  

  • Cancellation or Re-schedule Notice less than 7 days prior to event: no refund of deposit. 


Is there an hourly minimum? 

For Bartender Services, our time blocks are flexible, and we do require a minimum of 3 hours to book your event. However, our Cocktail Class Experiences usually last less. 


What do you provide at the event? 

It all depends on the package you choose. Our package specifies what’s included.  


What Exactly Will You Bring To My Event?  

Regardless of what package you choose, we will always bring the following items to your event (unless you decide to provide them): Bar Tools including Wine Key, Bottle Openers, Spill Mats, Pour Spouts, Cocktail Shakers, Cutting Board & Knife, Ice Bucket & Scoop, Special Bar tools for specialty cocktails (if requested). 


What if I want to provide my own supplies? How will I know what I need to purchase? 

We’ve got you covered!


We offer complimentary consultation to all clients when they book a bartender through us, including providing you with a grocery list with everything you are providing based on the drink menu for the event. 

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