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The Cocktail Making Experience


IInteractive Mixology Experience with Boa Bar:

Immerse in Mixology Magic:

Dive into the world of mixology with Boa Bar's Cocktail Making Experience, a thrilling bartending class that promises an evening of entertainment, creativity, and learning. Here's how it unfolds:

1. Guided Start: Begin with a professional-led cocktail session. Our expert Boa Bar Mixologist guides you step-by-step through crafting your first delightful drink.

2. Hands-On Creation: Become the bartender! Utilize your newfound knowledge to craft a unique drink under expert supervision. Our mixologists provide personalized tips to enhance your skills.

3. Friendly Competition: Teams compete to create the best cocktail. Craft your concoction, present it creatively, and let your taste buds decide. The winning team, judged on quality, presentation, and taste, wins a fantastic prize.


What You Get:

  • Expert guidance from Boa Bar Mixologists

  • Individual cocktail stations with all tools provided

  • Easy-to-follow conceptual map menu

  • Interactive coaching and personalized tips

  • Exciting cocktail-making competition with prizes

  • Option for curated shopping list or assistance in ingredient procurement

Ideal for:

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Intimate Gatherings with Friends

  • Family Celebrations

  • Lively Company Holiday Events

Educational Fun:

Our experienced mixologists enlighten you on spirits' history and origins. Engage your senses as you taste, smell, and sample intriguing concoctions. Learn bartending essentials, from tools to balancing the perfect cocktail. Break into small groups, and test your skills with provided ingredients and recipes, fostering camaraderie and accomplishment.

Join us for an evening of interactive mixology, where entertainment meets education, and creativity knows no bounds.

Preparing Cocktails



The first cocktail will be made and guided by our mixologists, and the group would follow. However, the other two cocktails, the group would create their own experience guided by the mixologist. The group would feel they are at a bar making cocktails since they would have all the tools needed to perform. The best cocktail maker will win a Cocktail Box

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