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The Boa Bar team was founded by three brothers that share a passion for the hospitality industry and their main purpose is to provide unique experiences that will count as memories. 

Carlos Alberto Boada - Renaissance Man

Carlos is a friendly and tireless conversationalist, tough but yet tender with a zeal for life. His memory is impeccable, with the ability dating back to his childhood to memorize readings and conversations with the greatest of ease.

Carlos Alberto is a restaurant drink operations savant, whose incredible personality makes him the quintessential host for any event.  His knowledge of running a successful dining establishment is exemplary, and comes from over eleven years of experience in the hospitality industry, beginning as a server at a family owned restaurant in Rockville, Maryland while he was still in college.  He would later become a server at Sugo, a restaurant under the Cava Mezze Restaurant Group, known for having one of the top 100 restaurants in the DC Metro region (Washingtonian Magazine, 2015).  Carlos would quickly move up to bartender at Sugo, where he would impress his superiors and be transferred as the bar manager for Julii, a French/Mediterranean inspired restaurant also under CMRG where he honed his craft as a drinks expert.  

Furthermore, he knows how to maximize revenues and no obstacle is insurmountable for him, a quality that keeps the clients that hire him for his knowledge very happy.  

Daniel Bauer - Mr. Determined

Daniel is a determined, defiant, calm and clever guy. His determination is the key to his personality.  His passion for food and drink shines through in any gathering where he can display his skills.

Daniel brings with him over ten years of experience in the hospitality field, with most of his concentration in food and beverage.   His skills as a mixologist would eventually help him become the head trainer for a regional bartending school.  Daniel then moved up the ranks once again in the corporate restaurant industry as Front of House and Kitchen Manager at Uncle Julio’s, in charge of more than 50 employees at any given shift.  His growth did not stop there as he would further his corporate knowledge as a senior leader with Marriott International, responsible for multiple F&B outlets in several different iconic hotels across the DC Metro region. 

His passion for leadership, standard implementation, cost reduction, maximizing efficiency and creating a work culture where every employee feels welcomed, encouraged and hungry for advancement.

Carlos Alfredo Boada - The Entertainer

Carlos Alfredo forms an instant bond with whoever he meets. He is vivacious, witty and is your "conversational dude," who can entertain or create a pleasant environment no matter where you are. 

Carlos Alfredo is a restaurant expert and enthusiast, having dedicated his entire professional career to the hospitality industry for the last twelve years. He started out as a server in the Washington, DC restaurant scene, quickly moving up the ranks to bartender, then event coordination and eventually would become the Beverage Director for Cava Mezze Restaurant Group, known as one of the top 100 restaurants in the DC Metro region (Washingtonian Magazine, 2015).  As the manager in charge for the drinks of six different restaurants as well as all bar operations (including Julii in Bethesda, MD), Carlos specialized in creating drinks that would bring customers back asking for more.  

He is not just a Mixologist, but a Libations Alchemist, turning each drink he creates into liquid gold. He believes that hospitality is everything in his life, and it means caring about others by making them feel like they are at home.

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