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Elevated Hospitality

Boa Bar is a Restaurant & Bar Consulting company that focuses on elevating cocktail programs, improve kitchen and bar operations, staff training, and increasing profitability.
Also, provides other services such as Beverage Corporate Events, Bartender Experiences, and more.


Bar Management

Innovative Cocktail Programs

Staff Leadership and Training

Cost Management and Profit Analysis

Service Standards and Procedures

Build Your Own Experience With Boa Bar

Hospitality Consulting

Our consulting services entail creating detailed, profitable, and efficient programs that embody the essence and atmosphere of your brand. Our company is dedicated to increase your profits, decrease your costs and elevate the guest experience. We can assess and evaluate your business current operation and help correct issues hurting staff morale and your bottom line.

Start to finish solutions for a customized beverage and food program, deliverables from ideation to opening for a renovated, updated, or new bar, kitchen, restaurant or any other hospitality establishment.


Boa Bar Experiences

Our professional mixologists will show you and your guests how to make the most unforgettable drinks using the freshest ingredients along with premium spirits and will share the “behind the bar” techniques to craft the most delicious cocktails.

We offer premium beverage catering services, specializing in handcrafted and customized cocktails. 

Boa Bar Bartender Services

Three brothers that share a passion for the hospitality industry with a primary purpose of providing unique experiences that will count as memories.

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